How To Clean A Concrete Driveway

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Concrete is a type of material that is used to make roads, driveways, and other public works. It can be either poured or laid. Poured concrete is more expensive to produce but generally easier to clean. Laid concrete takes time to set and can require more effort to remove objectives and markings. How to Clean […]

Coloured Concrete: The Art of Building with Colour

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Introduction With the right tools and a little hard work, anyone can build with colour. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced builder, it’s easy to get started with coloured concrete. The process is simple and straightforward—simply choose the colours you want to use, mix them together, and pour! Here’s how: What is Coloured Concrete? […]

Different Ways to Color Concrete: A Comprehensive Guide

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When it comes to colour, you have a lot of control. You can choose the colours that look best on your property, or you could go for the more boring options and stick with the same colours throughout. But which option is right for you? How do you know what colours will work well in […]

Why Choose Concrete Over Asphalt for Your Driveway

A driveway is one of the first things you see on a property and is also one of the spaces that face multiple elements. From heavy foot traffic to impact from different weather conditions, a driveway can be exposed to many things as an outdoor structure. Because of this, more durable materials like concrete or […]

Can You Pour Concrete In Rain

When it comes to installing concrete on your property, there is a process like any other project and there can be different factors that can affect it. From the season to the conditions of the space it is being applied to; there are different things to check prior to any installation. One such factor to […]

How to Deal with Standing Water on Concrete

Standing water, which can also be considered as water ponding, is an occurrence that usually happens in areas that are prone to heavy rain or storms. The occurrence generally presents as water pooling on top of concrete and not draining away. This can present as an issue with your concrete as the pools of water […]

Top 3 Points to Know About Stained Concrete

Do you have concrete surfaces installed at home, and wish to spice them up a bit? Or maybe you are still scouring for a building material you can use for your hardscape areas. Whether you prefer your floors to stand out or looking for a robust material with an excellent variety of designs to choose […]

5 Ways to Solve Weed Infestation on Concrete Pavers

A paved patio, pathway, driveway, or other hardscape area is an aesthetically pleasing and functional addition to the landscaping of anyone’s property. Concrete pavers are popular in Gladstone. At Gladstone Concreters, we recommend it because it can significantly upscale your home’s curb appeal and market value and change the way you enjoy the outdoors. However, […]

What Are the Factors to Consider When Building a Concrete Patio

At Gladstone Concreters, we can help you build your ideal patio that will change the way you enjoy the outdoors without straining your budget. Have you heard about concrete patios? One of the most commonly used building materials in patios is concrete. Since it is more affordable and can be designed to mimic the appearance […]