Why Choose Concrete Over Asphalt for Your Driveway

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A driveway is one of the first things you see on a property and is also one of the spaces that face multiple elements. From heavy foot traffic to impact from different weather conditions, a driveway can be exposed to many things as an outdoor structure. Because of this, more durable materials like concrete or asphalt are often chosen in the construction of the space. When comparing concrete and asphalt, both have their benefits. If you decide on having concrete as your driveway, there is plenty of gain outside of its durability.

What Does Concrete Offer

Concrete as a material is a generally durable choice that offers a range of different looks and applications. As a versatile material, concrete can be used for both residential and commercial spaces. When applied to your driveway, there are different ups and downs that come with it.

Gains With A Concrete Driveway

As a type of space that is often exposed to different elements like your vehicle or the weather, a driveway can go through a lot of wear and tear over time. What makes a concrete driveway so beneficial however is that it is highly durable and can provide different aesthetics, Depending on the type of stain or finish you apply on the material, it can present different hues or enhance the general appearance.

Durability-wise, concrete is considerably stronger than asphalt and holds a longer lifespan with the proper maintenance. The longest a concrete driveway can last would be 30 to 40 years. What’s more, the most maintenance it requires would be proper cleaning and degreasing at most. If this isn’t enough, it is also considered an eco-friendly concrete material since it is recyclable and absorbs less heat as it reflects light.

The Downside to Concrete Driveways

As durable and stylish as concrete driveways can be, it does have its disadvantages like any other type of structure. When compared to asphalt, it is considerably higher priced and can be a process to install, especially during the curing process. To add to this, the material can be susceptible to damage during the cold season if not properly prepared and is sensitive to snowploughs and road salt which can damage it.

Why Choose It Over Asphalt

Though there are a fair amount of pitfalls that come with concrete, it can provide a driveway that is both stylish and functional without being too compromised by outside elements. While asphalt is considerably cheaper than concrete and is fairly easy to repair, it is also less durable. As a softer material, it deteriorates faster and does not offer as much in terms of creativity. If you still find yourself unsure of whether concrete works for you, have a professional service group like Gladstone Concreters.

How Gladstone Concreters Can Assist You With Your Driveway

A number of different concreting services can be referred to for consultation on your driveway. By choosing Gladstone Concreters, you can be provided with a service that delivers superior commercial and residential construction results. If you find yourself debating on the best way to apply concrete as a driveway, you can refer to Gladstone Concreters to provide quality options.


Different materials can be chosen for your driveway but one of the more durable options you can go for is concrete. While it may not be able to handle spills and temperatures like asphalt, it brings its own benefits in terms of sturdiness and creativity. As a versatile material that can be used in both residential and commercial spaces, there is plenty to gain with concrete for your driveway, especially with a quality installation. Reach out to our team of expert concrete contractors today to explore the ways in which we can offer our assistance!