Coloured Concrete: The Art of Building with Colour

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With the right tools and a little hard work, anyone can build with colour. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced builder, it’s easy to get started with coloured concrete. The process is simple and straightforward—simply choose the colours you want to use, mix them together, and pour! Here’s how:

What is Coloured Concrete?

coloured concrete is a type of construction that uses a coloured plastic or metal matrix to set off the colours of the underlying structure. This allows for unique and different designs which can be achieved by using a range of different colours. The use of coloured concrete also allows for an effortless combination of other building materials, which can create a more varied and cohesive design.

How to Build with Coloured Concrete

There are many ways to build with coloured concrete, including:

  • As an individual element in a complete building project
  • As part of a partnered project
  • In addition to traditional construction methods such as glazed and unglazed walls
  • As part of a mixed-use development
  • As part of an architectural project

Tips for Using Coloured Concrete

To use coloured concrete effectively, it is important to take a few simple steps:

  • Choose the right coloured plastic or metal matrix
  • Match the colours of your building materials to the colours of your concrete
  • Use a levelling tool to make sure the colours are evenly distributed throughout the surface of your matrix
  • Avoid using too much water or paint over areas that will be seen by people

Choose the Right Colour for Your Building

When it comes to building with colour, there are a few key considerations. The first is how the colour will look on your building. If you’re aiming for a sleek and professional appearance, choose a grey or black concrete surface. However, if you want your building to feel more personal and fun, try using coloured concrete to add some extra personality. For example, might an orange or red concrete floor be perfect for naughty Adult Entertainment venues? Or perhaps a cool green and blue for an eco-friendly office complex?

If you’re considering using coloured concrete in your building – whether for its own sake or as part of an overall theme – it’s important to do your research first. Not only will this help ensure that your colours clash horribly but also it can give your building an altogether different persona from the rest of your surroundings. So if you want something truly unique in your building, go for it!


Using coloured concrete can add a unique atmosphere to your building, improve the efficiency of your building, and make it a more cost-effective concrete option. There are many different ways to use coloured concrete, so it is important to find the right colour for your project. By choosing the right colour for your building, you can achieve perfect results. Call our top concreters today to see how we can help!