What Are the Factors to Consider When Building a Concrete Patio

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At Gladstone Concreters, we can help you build your ideal patio that will change the way you enjoy the outdoors without straining your budget. Have you heard about concrete patios?

One of the most commonly used building materials in patios is concrete. Since it is more affordable and can be designed to mimic the appearance of other expensive materials, concrete is certainly a great alternative you can take for your patio.

If done right, a concrete patio can be a stunning commodity and an excellent investment for your property in Gladstone. It is highly functional, economical and long-lasting, so it is a great feature you can integrate into your landscape. Through this landscaping feature, you can adjoin your indoors and outdoors and create a spot for relaxation, recreation and get-togethers. Before you proceed with the construction of your ideal concrete patio, here are several factors you can consider.

What type of patio do you need?

Knowing what type of patio will best suit your specifications is vital. What functionalities do you require with it? You can choose from the four types of the patio below:

Bistro Patio

Are you short on space or budget but still want to add a specialized feature to your landscape? At Gladstone Concreters, we got you covered. We can build you a cozy and practical bistro patio. This is an excellent alternative for a small family because it can accommodate a small table and some chairs.

Sundeck Patio

If you want a place where you can lounge and enjoy the views around your backyard or a structure you can add to your pool deck, a sundeck patio is what we can recommend. Before you have this type of patio built, make sure that you take into account the size and the number of lounge chairs you will set in the patio, as well as the clearance measurement between the chairs and the swimming pool, so you can prevent accidental slips into the water.

Living Room Patio

One of the most popular patio types in Gladstone is a living room patio. It functions as an extension to your indoor living room so you can relax and enjoy the great views outdoors. To maximize a living room patio’s functionality and make it more welcoming, you can add lounge chairs, a fire pit, wall seating, water features, lighting, and other decorations.

Outdoor Dining

Do you plan to host parties and cookouts or just want a great place for an alfresco dining experience? Our team can also build you a patio that is intended for dining outdoors. This type of patio can either be rectangular or rounded and can take in a patio table and several chairs. You can have it built as big as you need it to be so you can accommodate more guests.

Where exactly do you plan to have a concrete patio installed?

The location of your concrete patio can also impact your property’s curb appeal. Many homeowners prefer to have their patio built on the front or rear of their house. Building it on the rear of your home can provide you with more privacy. On the other hand, a concrete patio built in the front of your house can considerably boost your house’s curb appeal.

Do you plan to have a roof installed on your patio?

Having a roof installed in your concrete patio will enhance its aesthetics and functionality. Through this, people can enjoy and relax outdoors no matter the season. It will also protect the furniture and fixtures on your patio from daily exposure to the sun and other elements.

What is your budget?

Concrete patios are one of the most affordable landscaping features you can have for your home. However, the budget needed for the project will greatly depend on how extensive and elaborate the design and size of the patio you plan to have. At Gladstone Concreters, we guarantee that we offer one of the most competitive rates for concrete patios. So if you wish to start building your ideal patio – call our team, and we will come to you.