5 Ways to Solve Weed Infestation on Concrete Pavers

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A paved patio, pathway, driveway, or other hardscape area is an aesthetically pleasing and functional addition to the landscaping of anyone’s property. Concrete pavers are popular in Gladstone.

At Gladstone Concreters, we recommend it because it can significantly upscale your home’s curb appeal and market value and change the way you enjoy the outdoors. However, if not properly taken care of or not installed correctly, these concrete pavers can be infested with pesky weeds. Before you realize it, these weeds will be sprouting left and right uncontrollably. Since the pervasive weed growth can be detrimental to your paved outdoor area, it might be best to know the ways to solve this problem.

Our certified team of professionals will share with you some preventive and corrective measures to help reduce the risk of weeds damaging your entire paved surface. You can let your paved areas stay visually pleasing and functional for many years through these simple ways. So if you are still scouring for the right solution to get rid of the pesky weeds in your patio or driveway, look into the ways we will share with you so you can prevent and solve weed infestation on your concrete pavers.

Preventive Methods

Polymeric Sand

If the concrete pavers in your hardscape area are not properly installed, there can be a greater chance of weed infestation. At Gladstone Concreters, we guarantee that the sand bed is tightly packed and the foundation is levelled properly. After that, we fill the joints of each paver with polymeric sand. This is to ensure that the growth of weeds will be inhibited.

Regular Sweeping

Most of the time, the weeds do not grow from beneath the pavers. Weed growth is usually caused by the seeds settling between the crevices of the concrete pavers. There may be trees or plants around your area that may be dispersing seeds through the wind. That is why one of the most practical preventive measures you can do is to sweep regularly. Through this, you can stop the seeds from settling and rooting on the cracks of your pavers. Besides that, sweeping will also make your pavers clean. Through it, you can get rid of surface dirt.

Corrective Methods

Boiling Water

Heat can be your ally when you want to get rid of weeds. Just remember to always be careful when handling boiling water. Pouring boiling water all over the cracks of your pavers is good for killing weeds and preventing the germination of the existing seeds. Do this procedure about two to three times to ensure that the weeds are killed from the roots. Compared to chemical weed killers, using boiling water is more affordable and has no after-effects on the environment.

White Vinegar

Another great alternative to harsh chemical weed killers is white vinegar. Grab a spray bottle and pour the white vinegar. Spray it on the gaps between your concrete pavers and let it sit for a few hours to ensure that it can reach the roots of the weeds. After that, rinse it away with a garden hose. Using this remedy is recommended because it will not damage or discolour your pavers and will not affect the plants nearby.

Baking Soda

Another natural remedy you can try is baking soda. Using it is convenient because you just have to scatter the baking soda on top of the weeds. Besides that, you can also pour the baking soda all over your paved surface and then sweep it into the crevices. Baking soda will overload the pesky weeds with salt and cause them to wither and die.