Top 3 Points to Know About Stained Concrete

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Do you have concrete surfaces installed at home, and wish to spice them up a bit? Or maybe you are still scouring for a building material you can use for your hardscape areas. Whether you prefer your floors to stand out or looking for a robust material with an excellent variety of designs to choose from – stained concrete can be one of the best alternatives you can try.

If you have concrete floors, staining them is a good way to upscale their appearance. Stained concrete is a very appealing choice for many residents in Gladstone because of its affordability, versatility in design and durability.

At Gladstone Concreters, we greatly recommend this building material. It is a simple project you can start with to enhance the natural curb appeal and functionality of your patio, driveway, pathway or other outdoor spaces. To let you know more about it, check out these three important points you should know about stained concrete.

What Makes Acid-based Stains Different From Water-based Concrete?

One of the first considerations you have to keep in mind when you plan to stain your concrete surfaces is the type of stain you will use for the project. The stains that are specifically designed for concrete can be classified into two – water-based stains and acid stains.

Water-based stains are usually composed of acrylic polymers and pigments. They are non-reactive, it means that there will be no chemical reaction that will take place once they fill the pores of the concrete’s surface. If you use this type of stain, you can achieve a wider spectrum of colours that typically give off translucent and opaque finishes. Water-based stains are safer to use because they do not have solvents and acids in them.

On the other hand, acid stains are composed of water, hydrochloric acid and inorganic metallic salts. When the surface of the concrete absorbs the acid stain, there will be a chemical reaction. Due to that, when you use acid stains, you can expect to have deep colour tones of blue, green, tan and brown, and it typically comes with marbling effects.

What are the Advantages of Using Stained Concrete?


Granite, natural stones, marble or other high-end materials can be a costly choice for your outdoor surfaces. However, if you still wish to achieve its premium look and appeal, stained concrete can be your ally. At Gladstone Concreters, our proficient tradespeople can use stains on your concrete surfaces to make them look like wood, marble, stone or other building materials.


Stained concrete is also as long-lasting and durable concrete as plain concrete. Just make sure that your stained concrete surfaces are properly sealed so they can stay beautiful and functional for many years. It can effectively resist mould, scratches, moisture and dust buildup. Besides that, stained concrete can also withstand daily wear and tear as well as heavy foot and car traffic, so it is a suitable choice for walkways, patios, garages and other floorings.

Visual Appeal

With stained concrete, you can conveniently achieve an array of design and colour combinations. At Gladstone Concretes, we have mastered the craft of staining concrete so we can help you achieve the look that will jive with your existing interior or exterior design and increase your property’s curb appeal. Whether you wish to have the look of granite polished marble, wood or stone, you can attain it with stained concrete.

Helpful Tips When Staining Concrete

Always remember to properly prepare your concrete before staining it. Get rid of all the dirt, grime or residues on the surface because it can affect the way the stain will penetrate the concrete’s pores.

Choose a professional-grade stain and follow the manufacturer’s instructions when diluting the stain so you can achieve the colour you prefer for your concrete.

Use sprays or brushes when applying the stain and let it dry based on the time prescribed by the manufacturer.

If you are still uncertain about the colour you prefer, stain a small section first. This is important because stains are long-lasting, and once it is completely dry, it will be hard to change their colour.

Elevate your property’s security and aesthetics with the best concrete contractor in Gladstone.